New Flash, Flex and ActionScript IDE for Visual Studio, Amethyst Pro 1.5

This week SapphireSteel Software announced Amethyst Professional 1.5, a Flex, Flash and ActionScript integrated development environment (IDE) for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. New features of Amethyst Pro enable the development of mobile apps, along with integration with Adobe Flash CS4/5 and Flash Builder.

SapphireSteel’s Director of Technology Huw Collingbourne spoke about enabling .NET developers to work in a familiar environment, stating that “Amethyst 1.5 provides a powerful environment that enables programmers to work with both .NET and Flash applications right inside Visual Studio. Its multi-process debugger even makes it possible to debug hybrid .NET/Flash Platform applications in a single debugging session, stepping seamlessly between C# or VB and ActionScript.”

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