New Disaster Recovery Portal Created Using SharePoint and Windows Azure

Many developers have considered the use of cloud services for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. GMA Consulting this week announced that they have done just that, that is, they created a new disaster recovery portal service using SharePoint and Windows Azure technologies.

One of the directors of GMA Consulting, Ben Grey, discussed the need for such a portal, stating that “Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning is a high priority activity for many organizations. And whilst they may have arrangements in place that provide a backup location and IT equipment there is an issue that is often not addressed. When a crisis occurs how do staff members quickly and easily find the information they need?”

GMA’s solution is a flexible solution that is cost efficient, based on a pre-configured SharePoint 2010 site. The sites are hosted on a Windows Azure cloud platform. In a disaster situation, staff would be able to locate specific information concerning their company immediately, assuming they can find an internet connection.

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