.NET and Java Going the Way of Assembly, Pascal?

New programming languages come and go in the industry, some stick around, while others end up as legacy languages. Many developers wonder if .NET and Java are behind the times, headed for the legacy graveyard with Pascal and Assembly language.

Java has been playing catchup since Java SE 6 was released–it’s taken 26 updates to get it to the point where it’s time to actually release a new version, Java SE 7, the first major revision to the core platform in the last five years.

Initially Microsoft promoted .NET’s common language runtime, which allowed developers to use many different programming languages, including Python and Ruby. Later they decided to focus on C# and Visual Basic, leaving those developers who had been focusing on Python and Ruby hanging without a net. Now, .NET developers are wondering if the same thing is about to happen to them, with Microsoft dumping them for HTML5 and JavaScript.

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