Microsoft previews Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft Update: With Microsoft having so much problems with older versions of
Internet Explorer, we can only hope that Internet Explorer 9 will be much more
hack-free. Internet Explorer 9 is said to have many improvements. Another
so-called great improvement is the compatibility with older web pages and
performance. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The latest installment of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is claimed to have a big
advantage over other browsers because it will not need a separate plug – in such
as Adobe’s Flash Player just to play audio and video on web sites. Great, you
may think but let us not count our chickens before they hatch. In hindsight it
is actually a great feature ( if it works properly ), because allowing separate
plug – ins to do whatever they want is one of the major causes of Microsoft’s

Internet Explorer 9 will also take advantage of Windows graphics technologies to
improve its display of pictures and text, at the apparent price of Windows XP
support. This tells me that users of Windows XP will not have much support from
Microsoft if something goes haywire; the Question I have is: Why make Internet
Explorer 90 compatible with Windows XP in the first place?

Adventurous users can also try out a "test drive" version of the browser, if
they are crazy enough. But this release is so limited that it doesn’t even count
as pre-alpha. Microsoft’s frequently-asked-questions file doesn’t say when a
beta version of IE 9 will ship, much less a finished product. This poses a
problem for the company, because the current Internet Explorer 8 just isn’t
doing the job. It trails competitors in its features, simplicity, reliability
and speed.

At the same conference: MIX 10, last week, Microsoft also revealed more details
about the rewritten mobile software, Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 Windows Phone 7
Series, that it announced last month. And unfortunately users may not be happy
about these revelations

Microsoft Windows Mobile 7, due on smartphones by this holiday season, will not
let you cut, copy and paste text, Engadget’s Chris Ziegler posted. PC Magazine’s
Sascha Segan, meanwhile, reported that Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 Windows Phone
7 Series won’t support running multiple third-party programs at once (although
some will be able to provide limited services such as music playback in the
background), augmenting a phone’s storage with a removable memory card or
installing new applications from anywhere but Microsoft’s own Windows

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