Microsoft Makes Pitch to PC Makers for new Approach, Like the Surface Pro

As it turns out, Microsoft’s new Surface Pro tablet has more functionality in common with a laptop then it does with an iPad, and presumably, that’s Microsoft’s point.  Microsoft first and foremost is a software firm who has been almost totally reliant on their tried and true partner, Intel to provide the hardware and their long time originally equipment manufactures like Lenovo, Dell, HP and others to build the products that serve up their software. This is where the pitch comes in, Microsoft has engineered and built the Surface Pro with the intent to showcase what their new software, Windows 8 can do on the right piece of hardware with the goal of moving their OEM into this new approach. Similar to how Intel built and promoted their Ultrabook, Microsoft is betting that OEMs will leave the comfort of their old-fashioned desktops and cheap 15in laptops behind and move into the space between the old standard model and the iPad. Read the full story here.

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