Microsoft Blows Right Past Windows 9 and Announce Windows 10

Microsoft has announced the successor to Windows 8, but oddly enough, it wont be Windows 9, and it’s not a flashy new name like Vista, or XP, instead, its just plain old simple … 10. Kind of has a nice ring to it actually. Certainly a nice round number, and easy to remember. But, will it deliver. There hasn’t really been an official explanation for this, though we can make a number of logical speculations. It’s no secret that a lot of critics have been looking ahead to Windows 9 and talking it down before it’s even been released. It could be that Microsoft are attempting to wipe the slate clean and truly own their next product. It probably didn’t help that the announcement of Windows 9 was leaked a ahead of time by a loose tongued French executive either. This could be their way of saying “you’re all wrong, this is Windows 10 and it will be great!” Continue reading here.

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