FeedHenry Announces HTML5 Node.js Platform for Enterprise Apps

A cloud-based mobile app solution provider, FeedHenry, this week announced the first commercial enterprise mobility solution which enables the creation of hybrid apps using Node.js as an integrated backend-as-a-service. FeedHenry studio allows developers to create hybrid apps using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, technologies they are already familiar with.

The CEO of FeedHenry, Cathal McGloin, discussed the release, stating that “As enterprises mature with their mobility initiatives and start getting into more sophisticated apps where they need complex integration with the backend and the cloud, the play will shift to the server side. The server side will become a crucial part of every mobile initiative as enterprises see how much more they can do with apps to increase revenue and boost employee productivity. Apps are fast becoming the new tool within organizations, but with that there’s the headache on the server side with security, scalability, performance and management. With Node.js, FeedHenry’s mobile application platform offers an easy way to build mobile app solutions for the enterprise that takes care of the server side functionality.”

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