Does Kinect for the PC Signal End Times for the Mouse?

As developers, we have a love-hate relationship with the mice in our lives. They are useful, but cause pain after repetitive use, even carpal tunnel syndrome. Some are already joyous at the thought of a world without computer mice, after Microsoft recently announced plans to enable Kinect on the PC.

If you don’t already know about Kinect, it’s a motion capture device for the Xbox 360. It’s used for allowing users to make motions with their body in conjunction with games played on the Xbox. There is already an SDK which enables developers to create Windows apps using Visual C#, C++ and Visual Basic…on the PC. There is already a German-made Kinect interface called Win & I which enables users to control Windows 7. With the move by Microsoft to “open” up Kinect development, the road is open to all sorts of motion-controlled apps, including apps which no longer require the use of hardware such as keyboards and mice.

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