Become the Head Honcho: How One Engineer Did It

These days, it’s not unheard of for software engineers to end up feeling a bit stuck – feeling like they’ve hit a dead end when it comes to their career potential, and that there’s no where else to grow. Mark Herschberg, a software engineer turned CEO, would beg to differ. recently published a profile of Hershberg, detailing how the former software engineer made his way all the way to being the CEO of ZepFrog, a financial media company. To quote Hershberg in the article, engineers from his alma matter MIT often end up “the biggest cube, not the corner office.” The solution Hershberg chose for his own path was to transition into business. The article continues:

“With engineering, there are clear, absolute answers. Herschberg knew that in business, on the other hand, there were no absolutes and there were exceptions. To him, business posed ‘much hard problems.’ Those were the problems Herschberg wanted to solve….”

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Software Engineer to CEO: How Mark Herschberg Became ZepFrog’s Top Exec

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