Advancements On Microsoft Azure’s Scalability

Since Microsoft Azure was released back in Febuary 2010. Microsoft has made many improvements to its Azure platform stage service for developers and users. The company has made some recent tweeks to the Azure platform service to include new signup processes, the monitoring of free trial periods and a new capacity level of 150GB at a rate of $500 a month.

The developers of Microsoft Azure have improved its interoperability which was a problem in earlier stages. An easy sign-on process was created to make it a lot easier on users and developers. To ensure users that are new to Azure can’t overwrite their free 90 day trial, a cap was put in place. For developers that are existing members, Microsoft has changed storage size limitations. Instead of having the normal member database size of 50GB, it has now been highly increased to provide developers the option of a maximum size of 150GB. As a full member there is also the option to change the subscription settings without having to create a new one.

More complex changes to Azure include; Network detection alerts for Azure platform updates, an SQL Azure management portal, a new set of guidelines for running Solr/Lucene, a price cap for large SQL Azure databases, and a flex pricing structure based on storage sizes.

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