Acaveo Announces DataClassifier , a New, Affordable Solution for Searching and Classifying Indexed SharePoint Date

Today, at ARMA Live! Conference 2013, Acaveo, the pioneer and innovator of a new category of information governance solution, announced it has launched DataClassifier, a low-cost data privacy and classification software for unstructured data. With Microsoft SharePoint search already running in an environment, DataClassifier is the most simple, affordable way to execute regular expression searches and apply classification policies to any data indexed by SharePoint. “Classification of unstructured data is increasingly understood as a foundational element in successful information governance, yet the technology has not been tangible for most organizations,” says Geoff Bourgeois, CTO, Acaveo. “If you’ve already made the investment in SharePoint, then DataClassifier is a small incremental addition that unlocks exponential value from what you already have. As a seamless extension to an existing SharePoint investment, DataClassifier is a unique approach that avoids redundant processing of files and it doesn’t require you to generate another full text index while it enables your SharePoint search to achieve comparable results to the more expensive and complex auto-classification approaches.” Read the full story and download the product here.

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