JTDraw Update

  1. Supports GDI+ drawing. It includes transparent
    filling, pattern filling, and using an image easily. For the UI, I developed
    my own color picker (very similar to the style of Office 2000), in which you
    can not only select the color, but also select the pattern, gradient, and
    picture you want to fill the shape.

  2. Supports multiple pages and zoom.
  3. Supports infinite step undo/redo. You can adjust the
    stacks to hold the undo/redo stack. In the example code, it is set to 20

  4. Still uses the BCGControlbar library. My version is the 5.82 release. I think the evaluation version of BCGControlbar should work. You can dig into the code to delete all the BCGControlbar stuff if you really hate it, but I suggest you should have one copy of this library. It is pretty cool and cheap.

My project is aimed at visualizing metabolic pathways in a living cell, so I have other objects that are not included in this example because I don’t think many of you are interested in how to visualize a molecule or a reaction. The alignment of objects is not hard to implement, and my own code is related to network layout and may not have a general readership; hence, I leave the alignment function to readers.

GDI+ is part of new SDK release. It is free to download from the Microsoft Web site here.


Download demo project – 300 Kb

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