CBitmapCtrl: Control for Displaying Bitmaps

Environment: VC6, Windows 95/98/NT

Its name is CBitmapCtrl and it is a class representing a
dialog control that loads bitmaps from files. The fancy thing (that I’ve not seen in other
related postings) is that this control does not clip the bitmap if
it’s bigger than the control’s window – it uses scrollbars for the user
to be able to see the whole bitmap.

You can use it very easily:

void SetBitmap(HBITMAP hBmp);

is the member function that loads a bitmap from HBITMAP

void LoadFile(CString filename);

is the member function that loads a bitmap from a file name.

To create the control you need these lines of code:

CRect brect;

where IDC_BITMAP_CTRL is the dialog resource that we use
as a placeholder for the control and
m_bmpCtrl is a the CBitmapCtrl member variable.


Download demo project (includes release build) – 131 Kb

Download source – 3 Kb

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