An Image (GIF, JPEG, BMP, ICO, WMF and EMF) Viewer


Environment: Visual C++ 6.0 with Service Pack 3, Windows 9x, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6a and Windows 2000

This sample is an MFC application using the document/view architecture that can load, display, and print graphics files such aske GIF, JPEG, BMP (bitmap), ICO (icon), WMF (metafile), and EMF (Win32-enhanced metafile). It shows:

  • how to use the OleLoadPicturePath function and the IPicture interface to load and display those graphics files.
  • (Look into the ImgViewerDoc.cpp, ImgViewerView.cpp, and MainFrm.cpp files.)

  • how to support more than one file extension per MFC document type.
  • (Look into the MulExtDocTmp.cpp, MulExtDocTmp.h, and ImgViewer.cpp files.)


Please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q218972How To Load and Display Graphics Files w/LOADPIC.EXE
(Note that LOADPIC.EXE does not handle palettes. As a result, it won’t display a 256-color image correctly in 256-color mode. Also, it uses the OleLoadPicture function instead of the OleLoadPicturePath function.)

Q141921HOWTO: How to Support Two File Extensions per MFC Document Type
Q198538DocMgrEx.exe Assoc Multiple File Extensions w/1 Doc Type


Download Source Code – 153 KB

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