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about the same time that my first book

(Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1989) came out, I began teaching that language. Teaching
programming languages has become my profession; I’ve seen nodding heads,
blank faces, and puzzled expressions in audiences all over the world since
1989. As I began giving in-house training with smaller groups of people, I
discovered something during the exercises. Even those people who were smiling
and nodding were confused about many issues. I found out, by chairing the C++
track at the Software
Development Conference for the past few years (and now also the Java track),
that I and other speakers tended to give the typical audience too many topics
too fast. So eventually, through both variety in the audience level and the way
that I presented the material, I would end up losing some portion of the
audience. Maybe it’s asking too much, but because I am one of those
people resistant to traditional lecturing (and for most people, I believe, such
resistance results from boredom), I wanted to try to keep everyone up to speed.

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