Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Available!

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Microsoft Corp. announced the general availability of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 today. Microsoft also announced that Silverlight 4 will release to the Web (RTW) later in the week. Together, these technologies simplify the entire development process, enabling .NET developers to target new platforms and build high-quality applications. .NET developers will be able to download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 in conjunction with the Microsoft Visual Studio Conference & Expo launch event in Las Vegas this week.

“We’re excited to celebrate the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with .NET developers around the world today,” said Bob Muglia, president of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. “Customer and partner feedback was instrumental in shaping this release. The functionality of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4 and Silverlight 4 creates a powerful and unique combination, opening up new opportunities for developers to build .NET applications that take advantage of new and existing devices, as well as emerging platforms like cloud services.”

“Our customers rely on us to solve for the unique needs of their businesses, and in order to do that, we need tools and technologies that enable maximum efficiency, reliability, integration and creativity,” said Peter Duffell, vice president of Strategic Partners at Micro Focus. “Our next-generation developer tools build on the already-proven capabilities of Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET Framework and Silverlight and expand the value to our customers even further.”

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 have something for every developer. The new editor, now using Windows Presentation Foundation, delivers a more flexible, feature-rich environment that supports concepts such as the use of multiple monitors. This enables a developer to have one monitor with code, another with the user interface designer, and yet another with database structure.

.NET 4 adds additional support for industry standards, more language choice, new support for high-performance middle-tier applications including parallel programming, and side-by-side installation with .NET 3.5. With the .NET 4 Client Profile, the size of the runtime has been decreased by over 80 percent, making it easier for developers to get .NET applications, and therefore users, up and running faster.

Silverlight 4

This latest Microsoft release offers powerful media and business application capabilities that enable developers to deliver compelling application experiences on or off the Web. New features in Silverlight 4 include extended out-of-browser capabilities, enhancements for enterprise application developers, and more than 60 customizable pre-written controls to quickly build rich, interactive applications.


.NET Framework 4 Release Candidate (RC) is available for download

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium Release Candidate (RC)is available for download

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Release Candidate (RC)is available for download

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Release Candidate (RC) is available for download

Silverlight 4 Release Candidate (RC) Build 4.0.50303.0 is available for download

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