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Environment: .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET

From This article reads like an advertisement; however, because I believe many of you will find this tool interesting and because source code is provided, I have chosen to post it.

Delta Forth .NET – World’s first Forth compiler for the .NET platform

Delta Forth is a non-standard Forth dialect. It has
several limitations over traditional standards; however it may be an excellent
starting point for beginners. The traditional compreter (compiler
interpreter) approach of other implementations did not appeal when the Delta
dialect was designed since computers evolved enormously since the original Forth
specification was written. Instead, we deal with compiled programs and
thus several original Forth words mainly related to chained execution – have
lost their meaning (see STATE, COMPILE, IMMEDIATE, etc.).

It has been stated that a complete traditional Forth
environment can be coded by a single person in a three month time. I managed to
release the beta 1 version of Delta in half that time. Despite the short time it
took to be developed, this tool has a long history, being a continuation of the
award-winning Delta Forth for Java project that I started back in 1997.
At that time, it was the first Forth compiler for Java and was a real surprise
when I presented it as my graduation project two years later. The .NET compiler
is used to write a part of the software for my Ph.D. thesis.

This software is free of charge. However, I spent hundreds
of hours designing and developing it, so if you like it please make a donation
to a charity of your choice then drop me a note.

Main Features

  • Fast compilation of Forth code to IL (no
    intermediate C# or Basic compiling)
  • Compilation to .EXE and .DLL
  • Support for integer and string constants
  • Support for local variables
  • Support for include files
  • Support for external libraries
  • Source code is available free of charge.
    Request archive password from the author.

What others have said…

done on your Forth compiler for .NET. It must be over fifteen years since I last
touched Forth, but its a great example of how the .NET Framework supports
stack-based languages well."
Tim Sneath,
.NET Developer Group, Microsoft Corp.

"I work
with all of our .NET language partners, and noticed your recent announcement of
your Forth compiler […]"

Merrill, Microsoft Corp.

"This is
fantastic! Well done!"


"What a
delight to trip across your Delta Forth .NET.  I was wondering who’d have the
first FORTH .NET offering. I need wonder no more. […] Keep up the good work."
Dennis Misener

started out with your Delta Forth. NET […] and found it very interesting using
Forth for writing .NET applications."

Lennie De Villiers

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Download demo project – 230 Kb

Download source – 27 Kb

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