ASP Q&A: Creating a CVS File Using Classic ASP

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Problem / Question:

I have generated a report that displays on the screen as a table in the web browser. Now the customer would like to export to a CSV file so they can import the data into whatever app they’d like.

The fields to be exported are:

  • CustomerName
  • ContactName
  • Firstinput
  • EmployeeName
  • EmployeeRate
  • Hours

I’ve found a few examples online, but none that I could get to work.


I would not try to generate the CSV file on the same ASP page that generates browser output. The  “option” to export to CSV should be a link or button that takes me to a completely different page. If you do that, then code like the following should work to generate  the entire CVS file without the need for looping or other oddities:

CONST QT = """"
SQL = "SELECT field1, field2, ... FROM table ... "
Set RS = conn.Execute( SQL )
If RS.EOF Then Response.End

For f = 0 To RS.Fields.Count-1
    hdr = hdr & "," & QT & RS.Fields(f).Name & QT
Response.Write Mid(hdr,2) & vbNewLine ' lop off leading comma

prefix = QT
midfix = QT & "," & QT
suffix = QT & vbNewLine
rows = RS.getString( , , midfix, suffix & prefix )
Response.Write prefix & Left(rows, Len(rows) - Len(prefix) )

Based on posts by forum members ITJoe and Bill Wilkerson

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