Top Tools for Web Developers

Are you looking for tools to make web development a more seamless process? If so, don’t look any further, as we came up with a list of the top tools for web developers that should suit your needs.

 Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools for Web Developers

This set of tools is built into the Google Chrome browser, and it’s known for being packed with features and strong on diagnostics. As such, many users of Chrome and Chromium-based browsers will turn to it for their needs.

Some of the most valuable tabs in Chrome DevTools include the Elements tab, where you can get a closer look at the page source code. When you need to research or monitor a client’s site, the Security tab can come in handy. 

And if you’re looking for page load insights, the Performance tab can provide vital statistics that DevTools from other browsers cannot. Last but not least, the Lighthouse tab gives you the power to run Google Lighthouse reports without leaving your Chromium-based browser.

InVision Cloud

InVision Cloud for Web Developers

InVision Cloud is a digital product design platform that’s all about creating the best user experience possible. It’s easy to use and has been linked to such recognizable names as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Lyft.

The platform’s endless digital whiteboard allows for real-time collaboration, and you can create interactive, clickable prototypes for desktop and mobile apps with ease via its Prototype tool. Other notable highlights include navigation flows, a photography board, and the Element Library. Should you require various prototypes, InVision Cloud has a professional plan to fit your expanding needs.


This web development tool is free and open-source and ideal for businesses both small and large.  

AngularJS gives you the power to extend HTML vocabulary. Why is this important? Because even though HTML is excellent when declaring static documents, it falls short when declaring dynamic views in web apps.

In addition, AngularJS lets you modify or replace features, so they fit your workflow and works well with other libraries while being fully extensible.



GitHub for Web Developers

The fact that over 65 million developers, three million organizations, and 72 percent of the Fortune 50 use GitHub make it the most prominent development platform on the planet. While GitHub started as version control software, it has blossomed into a potent tool used by software developers worldwide.

The uses for GitHub are numerous. You can use it to contribute and collaborate on open-source projects to build to get your name out there as a developer, track revisions, share and store code, and version control your project.



Bootstrap for Web Development

If you’re an experienced developer who’s looking to put together a functional layout without investing a ton of time, Bootstrap can help thanks to its easy setup. The tool is described as “the world’s most popular front-end open-source toolkit,” and it comes equipped with a plethora of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML utilities.


While Bootstrap’s ease of use is impressive, it’s also highly customizable, making it ideal for developers looking to make magic and let their creativity run wild. When using Bootstrap, you’ll have access to many integrated components and elements that are ready to use. And since it supports JQuery, Sass, and other developer tools, you get even more functional bang for your buck.



Sketch Tool for Web Development

Here’s a popular developer tool amongst the macOS crowd. What makes Sketch so popular? Besides being easy to use and packed with functionality, navigating the tool is an enjoyable experience.

Some of Sketch’s essentials include constraint resizing, vector editing, and the like. Taking things up a notch is the Smart Layout feature, which lets you resize adaptively so you can match your dimensions and current layout without fuss. Add in a bunch of collaborative tools, and it’s easy to see why Sketch has made a name for itself.


Visual Studio Code

 Visual Studio Code for Web Development

Microsoft developed this no-cost open-source code editor that’s macOS, Windows, and Linux-friendly. 

As a bonus, it also works on Python and JavaScript for anyone seeking some extra backend functionality.

Some of the VS Code’s most significant selling points include syntax highlighting, code completion, embedded Git, code refactoring, and testing support. You can customize the code editor, which offers the added luxury of debugging the code via call stacks, an interactive console, and breakpoints. 

And if you want even more functionality, VS Code works with several free extensions and packages too.


Jira Project Management

 Jira Project Management Tool for Web Development

What’s the top software development tool amongst teams using the Agile framework? Jira, and if you want to see why firsthand, you can take it for a free test drive.

Ideal for teams of ten or more, Jira lets you organize tasks and sprints via Kanban boards, inject your own estimation techniques, and more so you can plan, track, and release top-notch software.

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