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As a developer, software engineer, or general programmer, you know that you are never truly educated in your craft. Technology and programming languages are constantly evolving and updating and, as such, continuing education is a must for any developer. For beginning programmers, it is essential to learn the fundamentals of software development and core coding principles, regardless of the language you are learning, as those programming concepts will carry over to other languages throughout your career. With that in mind, we are highlighting some of the top C# courses online to help you learn C# and .NET programming – whether you are a veteran, newbie programmer, or want to add a second (or third) language to your developer toolkit.

Top Online Courses for Beginning C# Developers

Below is a list of some of the best C# courses to learn how to code in the C# programming language – particularly for those that are either 1) new to programming or 2) new to the C# language specifically. These courses are not listed in any particular order, but all are great options for those that are looking to learn how to code in a lesson-based manner.

C# Basics for Beginners by Udemy

This course teaches the fundamentals of software development using the C# programming language. Programmers will also learn how to use the .NET framework as well, which makes it a great course for those that may also want to transition into other Microsoft-related languages like F#, ASP.NET, and Visual Basic.

The course features 11 articles, 8 downloadable resources, and 5 hours of on-demand video that you can stream through a television, computer, or mobile device. At the end of the course, would-be coder are awarded a Certificate of Completion, which looks nice on your resume or mantlepiece – or even your fridge if you so desire.

The course has about 5 and a half hours of material, broken down into 11 sections and 87 lectures, meaning that it is pretty intensive, especially for a beginner C# course. C# developers will learn the following:

  • C# and .NET framework fundamentals
  • How to work with primitive types and non-primitive types, such as classes, structs, arrays, and enums
  • The difference between value types and reference types, as well as data types like arrays and lists
  • How to work with input and text including navigating files and directories
  • How to use date and time data in programs
  • Conditional statements and program flow with if and else statements
  • How to debug and find code errors in C# applications and codebases

You can sign up for the course by visiting: C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding.

C#: Start Programming with C# for Complete Beginners by Udemy

The Start Programming with C# course from Udemy makes our list here for a few reasons. First off, it teaches new programmers how the fundamentals of of C# software development and lays the foundation for coders to move into intermediate and even advanced programming. We like that. The main reason, however, is that it has would-be software engineers create an actual C# application, which is great, because a lot of courses do not put what you learned to work. That is not the case here.

What makes this one even better is the fact that it is free. The C# programming course lasts around 3 hours and some change and promises that you will be able to “developer your first piece of software within hours”.

You can sign-up for this free C# programming course by visiting: Start Programming with C#.

Top Online Courses for Intermediate and Advanced C# Developers

Now that we have covered some of the best online courses to learn C# programming, we can talk about the heavy hitters – that is, software development classes and lessons for intermediate to advanced level C# programmers. The software developer courses listed in the following paragraphs mostly operate under the assumption that you know how to program on a basic level. Truth be told, the majority of them do also cover the basics, so even if you do not have a good foundation, you will likely be okay with these lessons, especially given their low cost of entrance.

The Complete C# Programming Bundle by TechRepublic Academy

This C# programming course by TechRepublic is pretty different in its approach from some of the other courses we have seen. Though not technically the same, it starts developers out with some basic C programming before moving into C# basics. Then it takes a cool turn and teaches you how to not only code in C#, but design a complete 2D shooter using the Unity Game engine.

From there, coders will expand their game development skills as they create a multiplayer game using C#, followed by a Flappy Bird style game. Once those modules are complete, the course sweeps you into mobile app development using C# and Xamarin.iOS, then the same, but with Xamarin.Android.

The beautiful thing about this course is that it teaches you C# fundamentals, C basics, and then veers off into game developer and mobile software development, giving you a whole gambit of career paths to pursue.

You can take this C# course by visiting: The Complete C# Programming Bundle.

The Complete .NET and C# Developer Certification Bundle by TechRepublic Academy

If you really want to learn C# the right way and begin a career as a software developer (or add another language to your knowledgebase), taking a course that is targeted at getting certified is a great path to take. TechRepublic Academy has just such a course, fortunately, called The Complete .NET and C# Developer Certification Bundle.

This C# class has some pretty stellar lectures and lessons. Coders will learn all about structuring algorithms and data, automating aps using Selenium, working with databases using LINQ, and even how to master C# interview questions when applying for a career as a C# developer or software engineer.

What’s more, the fundamentals of writing clean and quality C# code, how to create functional C# software, perform Unit Testing, and a gaggle of software architecture principles will all be taught as well. Overall, this is a pretty high-level introduction to C# that should prepare any student for the real world of software development.

You can take this course for a spin by visiting the TechRepublic Academy website at: Complete .NET and C# Developer Certification Bundle.

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