Utility Class for logging errors to a file

This is the code for CLogFile, a utility class for logging
errors to a disk file. The constructor of the file takes the log
file name as the argument. The main function is LOGERROR(TCHAR*
formatString, …), which takes variable number of arguments. So
this function can be called with format specifications.

In addition this class has overloaded operator << for
most of the common data types. There is also a utility function
PrintCurTime, which puts the current date and time to the log
file. In the end the destructor of the class will close the file
and do the cleanups. The examples shown illustrates the use of
this class.

CLogFile lf ("C:\Test.log");
lf.LOGERROR(_T("The string is %s, the integer is %d and the double is %s"), szStr, nInt, dDouble);
lf << "Error no : " << e.Error << " and the description is " << e.ErrorMessage();


Download source – 2 KB

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