Using sub-stings in non report view

I wanted a CListCtrl in icon view mode only (no switch to other view
modes), but tried to “store” additional string information in subitems.

So I’ve useed used …

        SetItemText (nIndex, 1, strMoreInfo)

and according to the help it returned Nonzero for “successful”. but then
later on when I tried to use that string with

        GetItemText (iItem, 1);

it return sucessful with nothing. 🙁 The string was gone.

To make a long story short, one can’t store subitems without a header. So
an easy solution is to define two “blind” headers like …

        for(int iHeader=0; iHeader < 2; iHeader++)
                InsertColumn (iHeader, "header", LVCFMT_LEFT, -1, iHeader);

and you can store whatever string you want in subitem.

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