Using a modeless property sheet as a ‘view’ in a Frame

Using a Property Sheet as a ‘view’ inside a child frame window
turns out to be quite simple.

  1. Derive your own class from CPropertySheet.
  2. Override virtual OnInitDialog as follows.

BOOL CModelessPpsh::OnInitDialog()
	m_bModeless = FALSE;
	BOOL bResult = CPropertySheet::OnInitDialog();
	m_bModeless = TRUE;

	return bResult;

This will do the trick, fooling CPropertySheet Class into thinking it
deals with modeless type. The HELP button will be shown only if you
handle help commands in your project. For example: ON_COMMAND(ID_HELP,
CMDIFrameWnd::OnHelp) etc.

Download the sample.
This is only an example, I did not deal with View and Document classes.
The sample contains a project, and BMP of the app in a 53K zip file:

Last updated: 30 June 1998

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