Track billable hours

I am including the source for an application written by me that was originally
intended for my own use in keeping track of the time I spend on projects, but
is probably a pretty good sample for your visitors too. I’ve re-coded it, and
added source comments and am making it public domain for the purpose of
distribution as a programming example (and whatever else people want to
do with it).

The application was written using MFC 4.2 and Visual C++ 5.0, and demonstrates
several MFC topics:

  • MFC List control
  • Printing using the MFC CDC object
  • Dialog main app window
  • File I/O using MFC CFile and CArchive objects
  • MFC dialog data exchange
  • File drag-drop
  • MFC CPoint/CSize/CRect objects and abstract usage

There are probably a few limitations of this application, but like I said, I
wrote it for me, and now it’s for everyone.

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