Track billable hours (2)

The attached file is zipped version of my TimeTracker project. I
generated this app because I would like to know how many times I spend
in front of the computer and to track track whow many time I spend
working on various projects (I’m earning money with my hobby 😉

The best (?) way to implement this was to create an app that resides on
the taskbar notifation area, adding some entry to a log-file at startup
and another entry at exit. One of the problems involved was that on
windows shutdown you get no WM_EXIT command.
That was the outcome of my newsgroup question “Taskbar Status Area

The second thing I includes in this project – just for demonstating this
feature – is CListCrtlView based class displaying images in SUBitems.
For this I have changed YOUR code for “full row selection in list
controls” (dont know the exact title now, but you do). The key idea was
adding special texts for bitmaps. I only wanted to implement one bitmap
for a yes value and another vor a no value. So I choose to enter the
text 0]|[ for no and 1]|[ for yes. In OnDrawItem I check, if the text is
of length 4 and if the last three characters are the combination ‘]|[‘
(I choose two anti-matching-brackets to avoid confusing the find-
matching- brace- makros of the IDE) then the first character is
convertet to integer and used to determine which bitmap to draw…

Download Files The zip file is 142K.

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