Toolbar with 16M colour images

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I tried Kevin Bentley’s trick to use 256 colours but it didn’t work.
I needed to have more than 256 colours – so I tried to find some alternative way –
fortunately I found it.

Here’s how can you use hi-color bitmaps on your toolbars:

At first, create your toolbar in Developer Studio – no matter what do you draw on
buttons. Make a hi-color bitmap with a bitmap-editor (for example Paint Shop Pro). This
new bitmap must be the same size as Toolbar.bmp in your project’s \res folder. Then import
the resource into your application as bitmap, name it IDB_TOOLBARHI. Here’s what you must
to do:

  • Make a CBitmap type global variable m_bmToolbarHi in your CMainFrame class
  • Include these lines in the function CMainFrame::OnCreate() after initializing the
    if (!m_wndToolBar.Create(this) ||
        TRACE0("Failed to create toolbar\n");
        return -1; // fail to create

// ===========================================================
    m_bmToolbarHi.LoadBitmap( IDB_TOOLBARHI );
    m_wndToolBar.SetBitmap( (HBITMAP)m_bmToolbarHi );
// ===========================================================
  • Include this line in the destructor of CMainFrame:
// ===========================================================
// ===========================================================

That’s all.

Last updated: 16 July 1998

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