TimeStamp – A replacement for COleDateTime and COleDateTimeSpan

This is another COleDateTime and COleDateTimeSpan replacement class.  However, it differs
in two ways: it isn’t dependent on MFC, and instead of using one class for date/time and another
for date/time span, it unites the code into one class called TimeStamp.

Like Chris Sells’ replacement, it was also started from the MFC version, and uses system calls for
dates and times.  However, internally, the class uses a method called getAsDouble to determine
whether an OLE DATE format is used or a double for the time span is used.  It incorporates all
the functionality of COleDateTime and COleDataTimeSpan, but it uses a small character to start the
method names.

An example of using the TimeStamp class is:

  // set start and end of time window
  TimeStamp start;
  TimeStamp end = start + TimeStamp::getdays (7);

There are static methods for returning a time interval, as in the above example, which
can then be added to another time stamp to produce an end time.

Lastly, there are several string methods for getting the date time as a string.  These
methods simplify usage so that you don’t have to pull up help for GetTimeFormat/GetDateFormat
to get the time as a string.

Download source – 5 KB    TimeStamp_src.zip

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