Taskbar Sorter Utility

Environment: Win96/98/Me, NT4/Win2K, XP


This utility allows you to change the order of items on your taskbar, by dragging them into position in a list.

The list shows all of your visible top-level windows. To move a window, you simply drag the window’s title into the order you wish the windows to appear, and click the Sort button.

To exit the utility, click on the Close button.

How It Works

The application enumerates windows that are top-level (have no owner), and do not explicitly prevent themselves from appearing in the taskbar. It adds each of the windows’ titles to a drag list box (CDragListBox), along with the icon for the app. The user then can re-order the windows. When the user clicks the Sort button, each window is hidden, by using ShowWindow(SW_HIDE), and then re-shown (ShowWindow(SW_SHOW)) in the order of the list — top to bottom. This has the effect of the window being removed from the taskbar and then being re-added at the right-hand side.

Known Limitations

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any way to interrogate the taskbar to determine, firstly which windows appear there, and secondly in what order they currently appear. This means that each time the utility is run the user needs to re-order each window from scratch.

That’s all there is to it — have fun!


Download exe – 100 Kb

Download source (includes exe) – 114 Kb

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