Static LED Control

Environment: Compiled using VC6.0 Sp3 and tested using Win95/98 WinNT4.0 and Win 2000

Sometimes you find yourself needing an indicator to reflect various statuses. For
example, receive and transmit on a modem. The following article is a simple LED static

The CLed class is a static control for a simple LED control and is derived from the
CStatic class. Using a single bitmap of an LED array, the BitBlt function is used to index
through the bitmap for the appropriate LED. Note that the bitmap has a mask color of
RGB(255,0,255) in order to make the LED appear to be transparent.

LED Matrix
Led Matrix bitmap

The code assumes LEDs of 16 X 16 pixels, but is not limited to that. If you decide to
that smaller or larger LEDs are necessary, than set the LED_SIZE to the size desired and
modify the LED bitmap matrix to reflect the change.


Using the CLed class is very simple when using the MFC Class Wizard Dialog. Within a
dialog, use the following steps to add an LED.

  1. Insert a new static frame where you want the LED.
  2. Rename the static frame to somthng other than IDC_STATIC. Name it somthing like IDC_LED.
  3. Using the MFC ClassWizard, add a new member valiable for IDC_LED. The catagory should be
    a control and the Variable Type should be CLed. If CLed type does not show up in the
    Variable type dropdown, then you need to recreate the .clw file. I.E. delete the .clw file
    and run the Wizard Dialog again.
  4. Make sure that you include Led.h in you dlg.h file.

Also, you need to create a IDB_LEDS resource. Leds.bmp is included to help you do this.
In the LedDemo project, there is also a demonstration on adding the CLed static control
within a CView class.


void SetLed( int nLedColor, int nMode, int nShape );


nLedColor – Specifies LED color. You can use the following attributes:


nMode – Specifies LED mode where:

CLed::LED_ON – Turn on LED
CLed::LED_OFF – Turn off LED

nShape  Specifies round or square LED where:

CLed::LED_ROUND – specifies a round LED
CLed::LED_SQUARE – specifies a square LED

Use this method to set and display the LED to the preferred color and mode.

void Ping( DWORD dwTimeout = 1000 );


dwTimeout – Specifies the duration that the led is on in milliseconds.

Use this function when a short "ON" duration is needed for an LED operation. The
LED will automatically turn for the duration specified and then turn off.



Download demo project – 32KB

Download source – 4KB

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