StackUp V1.0 – the DirectX game

StackUp is an old logical 2D game. First I saw it on C-64 and  I very enjoyed it
(2D games are my favourites). I programmed it on Amiga (assembler / hardware chipsets
addressing) few years ago. I think that C++ / DirectX / MFC is one of the easiest and
fastest ways to do this game.

stackup_options.gif (3945 bytes) stackup.jpg (12861 bytes)


It is based on VC+ 5.0 MFC – appwizard project and it also uses MFC functions. The
version 1.0 requires DirectX 3.0 and higher.

  • DirectDraw
  • DirectInput
  • DirectSound

MFC Classes:

  • CStackUpApp – creates MFC application object
  • CStackUpWnd – creates the main window

Generic Classes:

  • CLogo – handles the menu
  • COptions – class for menu items
  • CGame – contains main game routine

Download Game Media Files – Executable (340 KB)

Download Game Project – Source Code (44 KB)

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