Showing progress bar in a status bar pane (3)

Assuming that most of the time when you are about to start a long
operation, you want to show a short text in the leftmost plain-vanilla
text pane, and immediately next to it a progress bar, a nice solution
would be not to disturb the content of the status bar, create a progress
control, initialize and advance it until operation is complete, then
return the status bar to its initial state (idle text). This way, you do
not have to add/remove panes in the status bar neither to resize or
otherwise alter the panes, because usually all panes on a status bar are
grouped rightmost, and the remaining space is used for regular text

This can be best achieved by deriving a class from CStatusBar and adding
a CProgressCtrl child in it. We can then add members to the new
CStatusBarWithProgress to hide/show and control the progress bar.

All these prepared, you can now open up your frame class’ header, and
simply change CStatusBar with our new CStatusBarWithProgress. That’s

Header file

Implementation file

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