Screen Saver which Displays Pictures

This is a simple screen saver, which display sequentially all pictures in a directory
(bitmaps, metafiles, GIF’s, JPEG’s, PNG’s). The default directory is the directory of the
screen saver, but you can change it.

Some problems there are still with that screen saver:

  1. The "Configure"-button in the "Screen saver"-property sheet does not
    work correctly. To configure you must call the .scr file directly without parameters (or
    right click in explorer and choose "Configure").
  2. The screen saver is not able to display other graphics like PCX, TIFF and so on.
  3. Win95 could crash when trying to display bitmaps with too high resolution, WinNT has no
    problem there.

If anybody knows how to fix the problems please send me a mail, so that everybody can
benefit from it.

Thanks Oliver Reuther for the idea, Alejandro
Auilar Sierra
for the CImage-class, Robert Caldecott
for his Metafile class and Zafir Anjum for some bitmap
related routines.

When you have some nice pictures like Error-MessageBoxes or Warnings, please feel free to
send me these pictures as e-mail. I will include them in my project (by adding a
copyright-notice of the author), and you will get newest versions of the screen saver per

Download demo project & source – 756KB

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