Report Control – An Outlook 2000-Style SuperGrid Control

Environment: VC6, Windows 98, NT4 (IE4), Windows 2000.

This ReportCtrl control is an Outlook 98/2000 style SuperGrid control. I’ve
seen many implementations, most of them based on the standard CListCtrl. All
implementations have their specific weaknesses. This implementation tries to
overcome some of the weaknesses, although for some purposes it may introduce

The documentation is sparse, because I do not have much time to write documentation.
However, the included demo is a great help in understanding how to use the features of the control and
many features are demonstrated in a practical manner. The interfaces of the controls highly resemble
the interfaces of similiar MFC controls, like the list control and header control. So, for the more
experienced MFC coder, it should not be a big problem to understand how to use the control in their own

Version history excerpt (refer to source file for complete history):


  • Fixed bug in DeleteItem for tree control mode.
  • Fixed item expansion for single subitem hierarchy items.
  • Added GetExpandedItemText to allow expanded items to show different
    text from the subitem text.
  • Added support for radio button and disabled check marks and
    radio buttons.
  • Added RVP_ENABLEFLATCHECKMARK property, to control the visual style
    of check marks or radio buttons.
  • Added support for check mark and radio button image list.
  • Changed CurrentFocus() to GetCurrentFocus().
  • Changed OnKillFocus to recognize all child windows.
  • Extended MeasureItem function.
  • Fixed GetNextItem() for RVTI_ROOT.
  • Added support for SetRedraw suggested by Phil J Pearson.
  • Optimized InsertItem performance by skipping GetRowFromItem
    when the focus is not on an reorderable row, as suggested by
    Phil J Pearson.
  • Added disabled background function to CReportSubItemListCtrl.
  • Added pre-create style passing to CReportView.
  • Adjusted edit box position.
  • Fixed a bug related to keydown messages in unfocused state.
  • Fixed tip redraw problem and tip background color mismatch.
  • Fixed kill tip on WM_KILLFOCUS, finally fixing click and double
    click on expanded subitems.
  • Added GetSelectedItems method.
  • Fixed a selection bug in ClearSelection.
  • Made GetReportCtrlPtr virtual and changed CReportView to use
    overriden function to get a pointer to the embedded CReportCtrl.
    This allows control derived from CReportCtrl to be embedded in
  • Added UpdateWindow to SetRedraw when re-enabling redrawing.
  • Removed legacy definitions from header file.
  • Added blended image support through state bits, focus and selection
    through the RVP_ENABLEIMAGEBLENDING and RVP_BLENDCOLOR properties.
  • Added support for overlay images.
  • Added Win2K tip fading to CReportTipCtrl.
  • Fixed nFormat subitem member update in OnHdnItemChanged, as suggested
    by Sven Ritter.
  • Added selective item cache flush to SetItemCount.
  • Added GetItemString() function to retrieve an item as a string.
  • Added clipboard Copy support and clipboard separator and indent
  • Fixed OnRvnEndItemEdit to not loose lParam, as suggested by
    Paul Hurley.
  • Added GetSortSettings() to retrieve sorting settings.
  • Made SelectRows virtual to allow owner data multiple selection
  • Fixed a bug in DeleteItem for trees.
  • Fixed various mouse button, keyboard selection/focus issues.

The control uses Keith Rules MemDC class for flicker free


Download demo project – 183 KB

Download source – 68 KB


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