Release tree-items’ data

It is common use to associate user data with a tree item.
If it is a pointer to some class the function that gracefully
releases all memory is needed. The one is given below. It takes
as an argument a handle of a tree item and deletes all CSomeXObjets
(user objects) in all subitems. If You want to release the whole
tree call: ReleaseTreeItem( TVI_ROOT );

void CTreeCtrlX::ReleaseTreeItem(const HTREEITEM hti)
	if(hti == NULL)

	HTREEITEM hti_ch = GetChildItem( hti );

	while( hti_ch != NULL )
		CSomeXObjets* pObject = ( CSomeXObjets* )GetItemData( hti_ch );
		delete pObject;

		ReleaseTreeItem( hti_ch );
		hti_ch = GetNextSiblingItem( hti_ch );

	} //whil

}; //ReleaseTreeIte

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