Radial Control

Environment: Win9x, VC6 SP4

I need a software control to simulate and replace a hardware dial control. So I
came up with this control. This radial control is derived from CStatic
and can be created using the ClassWizard or you can do your own subclassing.

Most of the commands are similar to CSliderCtrl, I may in the future derived
this class from CSliderCtrl and send all slider control messages. Currently
this control only sends the WM_HSCROLL message when being modified
via mouse or keyboard. The reason that the control sends a message is so that
the parent has a chance to act on that message.

There is a difference between the current positon and the current angle. The angle
is the current position in degrees of the arrow. The current position is the current
angle translated into the range that the user has set. For example the current angle
could be 0 degrees, but since the user had set the min/max range to be 100/200
respectively, the current position is 100.

The control also reponses to the ON_WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE message so
that if the user has changed the colors of the system the control will automatically
updates itself.


Download demo project and source code – 20 Kb

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