Property Sheet Wizard

I worked for a project consisting in a manager for sent and received faxes.
The interface was based on a property sheet with many pages. Also the window should be
able to stay minimized as an icon on the taskbar.

After I had finished the project I realized that it might be interesting to have a wizard for
generating such kind of applications. The defaut wizards can generate only very simple
dialog-based applications, so I wrote one.

How to use it
Either build the “PropSheet Wizard” project, or copy the PropSheet Wizard.awx file to
the directory where the wizards are kept (i.e. SharedIDE\Template for MSDEV 6.0).
Now select from the option “New” from the “File” menu, and from the projects select
“Property Sheet AppWizard”. Follow the steps and compile the application.

Download source – 59 KB

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