Numeric Edits, with Limits and Spinner

The numeric edits here are supposed to work with floats, they are
somewhat based on the code on T. VU KHAC’ Numeric edit and numeric
spin controls. So he may have some copyrigths.
These classes should be easier to use than his, and depend less on
each other.

The 3 numeric edits in this project are .
CNumEdit, that accepts floats with a limited number of digits.
CNumRangeEdit, that has upper and lower limits for the floats
CNumSpinEdit, that has a spinner, limits, and can color txt
CSpin, that can spin floats, not integers
This UML class diagram should Illustrate the design.

The CSpin accepts +,-,VK_UP, VK_DOWN to count up or down once. and
pgDown/up to de/increase the value by 10 * step size.

There are some known bugs in the code:
a) you can use SetWindowText on the edit an paste txt into it.
b) the user can enter more than the specified digits after the ‘.’


Download demo project – 15 Kb

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