Numeric edit and numeric spin controls

In my application I needed an edit control which accepts only numeric numbers. In many science applications this is indispensable, but it is actually not implemented in MS-Visual C/C++. It is not difficult to implement this control and I see that some people implemented it. In my own code, some new features were enriched as error messages and range defines, etc.
Note: to use the CNumEdit class properly, the ES_NUMBER, ES_MULTILINE must not be set.

Another control added in my work is CNumSpinCtrl which enables using a spin control as a numeric one which is also not implemented in MFC.

Note: to use the CNumSpinCtrl class properly, the ES_AUTOBUDDY, ES_SETBUDDYINTEGER must not be set.

Your suggestions are appreciated. Enjoy!

class CNumEdit : public CEdit
virtual ~CNumEdit();
enum {VALID = 0x00, OUT_OF_RANGE = 0x01, INVALID_CHAR = 0x02};
virtual void ChangeAmount(int step);
virtual float GetDelta();
virtual void SetDelta(float delta);
virtual void GetRange(float &min, float &max)const;
virtual void SetRange(float min, float max);
virtual void Verbose(BOOL v);
virtual BOOL Verbose()const;
virtual int IsValid()const;
virtual int IsValid(const CString &str)const;
virtual BOOL SetValue(float val);
virtual float GetValue()const;
virtual CString& ConstructFormat(CString &str, float num);
BYTE m_NumberOfNumberAfterPoint;
BOOL m_Verbose;
float m_Delta, m_MinValue, m_MaxValue;

class CNumSpinCtrl : public CSpinButtonCtrl
virtual ~CNumSpinCtrl();
virtual void SetDelta(float delta);
virtual float GetDelta();
virtual void SetBuddy(CNumEdit *edit);
virtual CNumEdit* GetBuddy() const;
virtual void GetRange(float &lower, float& upper ) const;
virtual void SetRange(float nLower, float nUpper );
virtual float GetPos();
virtual void SetPos(float val);

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Date Last Updated: May 17, 1999

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