Number To English Translation

N2E – Number To English Translation

This is a simple, yet invaluable class that enables you to display the textual representation of a
number. Since the possible uses of this class are endless (e.g., check writing applications,
contract applications, etc.) hopefully it will come in handy for many of you.

Input : An integer between 0 and 999,999.
Output : Correct English (dictionary rule) of the words representing the number (as a CString).
Note : If the Integer is out of range, the resulting CString will be “Number is out of range”

Example Usage

void CN2EDlg::OnBconvert()
// Convert button was clicked, grab the number (integer),
// and turn it into english
// Print the value back to the dialog box


CNumber2English number;
m_sEnglish = number.n2e(m_iNumber);



Download demo project – 15 Kb

Download source – 2 Kb

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