NetManager V1.1

Netmanager is a small network utility which supports a few internet services and its
automatization. This program arise while I was learning Win32 programming (C++ and MFC),
so I’m sorry for possible bugs.

In the source code are included some parts from MFC Programmers Sourcebook.

netmanag.gif (14178 bytes)

The version 1.0 contains:

  • Ping
  • Finger
  • Network browser
  • People and WWW monitoring
  • E-mail Client (SMTP)
  • Updating WWW
  • File opening and executing

The 277 KB of source code contains:

  • WinSock
  • WinInet
  • INI file manipulations
  • PropertySheet, TabControl, ComboBox, ListBox, ListControl, TreeControl, Menu,
    Popup-Menu, StatusBar, Animate
  • Arrays
  • Multithreading, Timer
  • Drag & Drop
  • Splash screen

Download source – 198KB

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