Multi colum tree / list control

Some features of CTsyslistviewex, class derived from CListCtrl:

  • sort multicolumn (See: EnableSort, SortAllItems)
  • set functions (call back) for sort order. (see AddSortCallBack)
  • draw or not draw grid lines. (See ViewGridLines)
  • attach to one or more columns of resource bitmaps. (See AttachBitmap)
  • attach to one or more cells of resource bitmaps.(See AttachBitmapCell)
  • when user select one or more lines, all width of line is hightlighted.
  • support one or more lines bold, italics or both. (See SetBoldLine)

    Some features of CTreeMultiColumnCtrl, class derived from CTsyslistviewex:

  • all features of CTsyslistviewex is supported, but sort is not yet implemented
  • support one tree in one column from list control (See: SetRootColumn).
  • support multiselect
  • user can easly input data in tree with function Fill.
    	I suppose that the tree control has 2 columns, name and description:
    If the user calls:
    control.Fill("Root1%Description of root1(Child1%DChild1,Child2%DChild2),Root2%3,Root3")
    The control will contain something like this:
      + Root1  | Description of root1
        Child1 | DChild1
        CHild2 | DChild2
      + Root2  | 3
  • Expand and collapse of any items with keys +, -, <-, ->.
  • Recursively expands items if user press ‘*’, one one or more items.

    Download demo project – 49KB

    Download source – 28KB

    Date Posted: 07/08/98

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