Moving the Standard Buttons

Your method for moving _standard_ buttons is fine – if they are all that
needs moving (eg. you forgot ID_HELP). But this is not much good if you’ve
added your own controls to the property sheet and need to move them too.
(for example, I have a couple of different groups of pages that I want to
select between, rather than having lots and lots of tabs all at once, so I
have a combo box at the bottom of my property sheet that selects the group
of pages I want).

A better sort of solution is to go thru the child window list and move all
children (except perhaps the tab control)
Here is code that moves all the controls (other than the tab itself) by a
given dx and dy..

     // calculate dx and dy to move the controls
     // this could correspond to an increase in sheet size
     CTabCtrl* pTabCtrl = GetTabControl();
     for (CWnd* pChild = GetWindow(GW_CHILD); pChild; pChild =
          if (pChild == pTabCtrl) continue;
          CRect rectControlWnd;

Because I use this code in a CPropertySheet-derived class that I use to
base my own property sheets on, I don’t know in advance exactly what
control are going to be on the sheet (because some of my other property
sheet classes add extra controls). This way ALL my control move to make

Another improvement could be to compare the control position of the control
to the tab control and only move those controls which are, say, below the

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