Mini Pascal Compiler

Environment: VC6

I had to make a project last month for the Compiler Techniques course at the university
where I study.  This project was to make a simple Pascal compiler for an imaginary
virtual machine.  I also work for a software company so I had to make the project
in my free time after university and work, so in some places the code is made in a
rush (you know what I mean).  Anyway, this program is a nice compiler sample, and
for people who are interested, might me a good source of ideas.

Mini Pascal Compiler

The program is a multi document/view based application.  It supports 3 types of files:

  • *.rez, a token result file that is generated after parsing the source code
  • *.asm, an assembler file containing virtual machine code, that is generated
    by the compiler together with the binary file

  • *.pas, Pascal source files

For the asm and pas documents, I used the syntax coloring editor code from Adrei Stcherbachenko,
that I downloaded from CodeGuru.

This sample was made using Visual C++ v 6.0, and contains 2 projects: the compiler and the virtual
code interpreter.

General Structure

I used the following class hierarchy:

   CObject -> CStringTokenizer -> CPascalLexAnalyzer -> CPascalCompiler

I tried to modularize the compiling process so that the reusability of the classes would be
higher.  For example, the CStringTokenizer class can be used for tokenizing strings and
command line parameters and can be used to make a C Lexical analyzer, etc.  The
CPascalLexAnalyzer is used to tokenize the Pascal source, and the CPascalCompiler is responsible
for making syntactical and semantically verifications and for the actual compilation.


Download source – 169 Kb

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