MFC WindowStyler

Here’a a little utility I wrote. After getting so much helpful code from this site I
thought it was about time I contributed.

The purpose of MFC WindowStyler is to allow users to experiment creating windows
with different window styles and extended window styles, WS_styles and WS_EX_styles,
with out having to recompile.

You can see the effects of combining styles in CWnd::CreateEx() and adding
and removing styles with CWnd::ModifyStyle() and CWnd::ModifyExStyle().
The contains a VC++ 6 project and executable


I used the CBitmapDialog class from Jvrg Kvnig for the wood background, just
because I thought it looked cool. Thanks Jvrg!!

Contact Information

There is a “todo” list of possible improvments included in
Feel free to send any improvmens or comments to me at [email protected]


Download WindowStyler application – 35 Kb

Download source (includes help files) – 108 Kb

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