MFC extension class CBitArray

Environment: Visual C++ 6, Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

The class CBitArray behaves like a specialization of the MFC
template class CArray. A real specialization is not possible
because of a missing simple data type for a bit.

For maximum efficiency the bits are packed into a dynamic array of
unsigned longs. You can easily modify the type of the date
containing the bits (see typedef ULONG T in the declaration of
CBitArray). CBitArray implements all member functions
of the MFC class including the operator function [] (both for
l-values and r-values).

The private member functions Copylr, Copyrl, and
X are derived from the same-named functions of the class
bitstring written by P.J. Plauger and are published with
permission of the author.


Download demo project – 23 Kb

Download source – 4 Kb

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