I look to section samples, and find what this section very small. So I decide make big sample with code from codeguru.

In this sample you can find:

  • How solve “long operation problem”? Simples example you find in file AppIdle.cpp

  • You use Recordset? Is little bit tough, so look to file MailMessage.cpp [LoadDAO, SaverDAO].

  • How make splitters in splitter? Look to MainFrm.cpp [OnCreateClient].

  • Need build version? Look to Messenger.cpp [CAbout::OnInitDialog]

  • Use registry, how demands WinLogo? Look to Messenger.cpp [CMessengerApp::InitInstance]

  • Template window, it is possible? Look to PropDlg.cpp

  • Automatically link with library. Look to file WNetEnum.

  • Some of the classes used here

    1. Coolmenu

    1.1. Cool menu by Paul DiLascia

    1.2. Custom caption by Paul DiLascia

    1.3. SubclassWindow with hook by Paul DiLascia

    2. ToolBarEx

    2.1. Toolbar extension by Joerg Koenig

    3. TreeCtrl

    3.1. Tree control extension [TreeCtrlEx + TreeCursor] parsed from MFC samples by Audrius Vasiliauskas

    3.2. Multiply selection tree control [MultiSelTreeCtrl] by Bendik Engebretsen

    3.3. ToolTips tree control [ToolTipsTreeCtr] by Audrius Vasiliauskas And Zafir Anjum

    3.4. Custom draw tree control [CustomTreeCtrl] by …

    3.5. Setting individual properties for tree items [ColorTreeCtrl] by Audrius Vasiliauskas

    4. Wnet

    4.1. Windows network resource enum [WNetEnum + WNetResource]

    5. Tray

    5.1. How use system tray? [SystemTray] by Chris Maunder

    6. ListCtrl

    6.1. List control extension [ListCtrlEx] parsed from MFC samples by Audrius Vasiliauskas

    7. MailsSlot

    7.1. Mail slot function wrapper by PJ Naughter

    8. Persistence

    8.1. Save and loads program position [PersistenceFrame] by David Carballo

    9. NetworkTreeCtrl

    9.1. Browse network and shows in the tree. Use tree control extension and windows network enumeration [NetworkTreeCtrl] by Audrius Vasiliauskas

    10. TitledMenu

    10.1. Titled menu from codeguru.

    11. DaoExtensions

    11.1. DaoRecordset wrapper [DAOExtensions] by Audrius Vasiliauskas

    11.2. I want create table in Access database [DaoRecordsetCreate] by Audrius Vasiliauskas

    11.3. I want read OLE picture from Access database [SteamDIB] by MS and Audrius Vasiliauskas

    12. StealhFrame.

    12.1. I want remove program from taskbar [StealhFrame] by Audrius Vasiliauskas and Internet

    13. PropertiesDlg

    13.1. I want window like printer device settings.

    13.2. I want make template window and use in dialog and properties sheet.

    14. ColorPicker

    14.1. Color picker like MS Word by Chris Maunder

    15. Version

    15.1. I want build version.

    How to use the program

    You need a network to have some use of it.

  • In menu “View” you can see custom checkbox.

  • In menu “Tools\Refresh Network Tree” item enabled only if focus is in the
    left panel. After pressing that item you fill network tree control [of cause
    if you computer switched to network].

  • In network tree control you can select computer and send message [write
    message in the toolbar].

  • In list control press right mouse button and from popup menu delete list

  • In “Tools\Properties Dialog” you can change Access DB file place in the
    disk [In tree: Properties\Program properties\Enter DB file name.

    Download source – 293KB

    Date Posted: 06/14/98

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