Macintosh-like Slider Control

Environment: Windows NT4 SP4, Visual C++ 6

This image shows an example of my CMacSliderCtrl and CMacProgressCtrl. For more
information on the CMacProgressCtrl, please refer to
this article.

This class is my attempt at recreating the slider control of the Macintosh. This
control (CMacSliderCtrl) allows you to change the thumb, channel and selection colors.

Public Member Functions

void SetChannelColor(COLORREF crColor)
COLORREF GetChannelColor()
void SetSelectionColor(COLORREF crColor)
COLORREF GetSelectionColor()
void SetThumbColor(COLORREF crColor)
COLORREF GetThumbColor()

Steps to add a CMacSliderCtrl to a dialog

  • Add the desired files to your project.
  • Add the #include directive to the header file of your dialog class.
  • Add a slider control to your dialog in the resource editor.
  • Use ClassWizard to add a member variable of type CMacSliderCtrl for
    the corresponding controls you just added. If the CMacSliderCtrl classe
    is not in the Variable Type list, choose CSliderCtrl, and manually change
    the types in the header file of your dialog class.
  • Known bugs

    There is one problem with the CMacSliderCtrl class that have been unable to fix. If run the sample
    application and change the slider’s thumb, channel or selection colors, you will notice that
    the colors do not change immediately. If you click on the slider, then the color will change.
    In my SetXXXColor() functions, I call RedrawWindow() so the control is drawn with the new color.
    RedrawWindow() starts the painting process, which sends the NM_CUSTOMDRAW message for the prepainting
    stage. I then return CDRF_NOTIFYITEMDRAW in my OnCustomDraw, which is supposed to request prepaint
    notifications for each item. But the item prepaint notifications are never sent. If anyone can
    come up with a solution for this I would love to hear about it.


    Special Note: The demo and source files are the sames available in the
    CMacProgressCtrl article.

    Download demo project – 35 Kb
    Download source – 11 Kb

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