Line Counter for MS VC++ 6.0 Projects


Environment: VC6 SP4, WIN NT 4.0 / 2000, WIN 9x (95, 98, Me)

Anyone ever wondered how many lines are in a project you worked on for a month (or maybe for a year!)? Well, we did this for you 🙂

This program (LineCounter) was developed with one purpose only: to count your lines!

The program is able to count source code, comments (both styles: “// comment” and “/* comment */”), and blank lines. It shows the results in a couple of editboxes, and has a preview window (right click on the list).

The program opens the project file (.dsp) and throws it through the parsing code. After parsing is done the list of project files is steped-by-step and lines are counted.

That’s it! The source code is pretty self explanatory, so I guess you’ll manage.


Download source ( 37.9 Kb

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