Keyword coloring edit control


New Features

Dragging during a selection will now scroll the window. I’ve fixed several problems and have one know unresolved bug. Color encoding quotes is now supported.

Known Bugs

The editor won’t scroll beyond 1500 lines on Win95. I suspect this is due to a limitation in the size of the GDI area in MM_TEXT. If anyone has some ideas for working around this, please let me know.

Classes Used

This project uses the following classes found at

– Undo/Redo for CDocument derived classes
CMemDC – Double buffering class for drawing
CSplash255Wnd – 256 color splash screen support
CToolBarEx – Flat toolbar support
CRegExp – Regular Expression matching
CStringEx – Extended Cstring
– A progress indicator on the status bar.
CClockStatusBar – Adds a clock to the status bar.
CCreditStatic – Scrolls text in a static text field.

In addition it defines the class:

CColorStringCString plus rule based color encoding

I’m open to adding change request to my ToDo list for this application. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] with suggestions, fixes, or questions.

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