Initializing the image list

The list view control should be initialized in the OnInitDialog()
function of the CDialog or in the OnInitialUpdate() function of the CFormView.
A list view control can have up to three image lists associated with it:
two of them for icons and the third for state images.

Here are the steps involved

  1. Declare variables of the type CImageList in your CDialog or CFormView sub

  2. In the OnInitDialog() or OnInitialUpdate() function call the Create() function
    for the CImageList member variables.

  3. Call the SetImageList() member function of the list view control.

Here is a sample code.

m_imgIcon.Create( IDB_LARGEICONS, 32, 1, (COLORREF)-1 ); //Create from bitmap resource 
m_listctrl.SetImageList( &m_imgIcon, LVSIL_NORMAL );  //Set the image list 
m_imgIconSmall.Create( IDB_SMALLICONS, 16, 1, (COLORREF)-1 ); 
m_listctrl.SetImageList( &m_imgIconSmall, LVSIL_SMALL );

The image list set using LVSIL_NORMAL is used only for the LVS_ICON mode.
For this mode a 32×32 icon is usually used. For all other view modes the
image list set with LVSIL_SMALL is used. The standard icon size for this
is 16×16 pixels. You do not have to use the standard sizes though. For that matter,
you do not have to use square images either, the images can have any aspect you want.


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